A brand should be a tool to empower a person or company to live a better life.

Every client wishes to be more efficient, more productive, more fit, have more wealth, have more free time, be more empowered. The brand should be the solution. This is the core belief of lifestyle marketing.

As a customer, it is not only the desire to find a brand that represents what they are- the brand should point clients to new possibilities, show clients new ways to develop meaning, belonging, connectedness and community. Whether you are a traveler, a DIY enthusiast, a fashionista, a small business owner, an amateur athlete, a pet owner or an amateur astronomer, a brand should assist you in deepening the joy in your life. Otherwise, it will not last.

It is the mission of the company to find determine the needs of the client, and provide the tools the client needs to fully engage in an acitiviy that they find meaningful. Engaged clients buy a chance to grow and belong, not just an experience or a product.

Helping companies communicate to potential clients and support existing clients is our core focus.


Broadcasting and undisciplined social media posting is not reaching new or existing clients.

The contemporary consumer edits, selects and disregards faster than ever before. Customers are more savvy. Customers demand that you know who they are and why they choose to interact with your brand.

Yet, perennial value and content with perennial value is perennially supported, because it builds a lasting connection. New and existing customers are building their own channels.

Novelty is a short-term play. Sharing a passion, staying on target with continual supportive content is the path to building a lasting connection.

A large part of this is realizing that no brand is for everyone. The strongest brands are for the loyal select. Once that core is empowered and respected, the brand has a community building itself.

How does a company grow to be a partner that empowers their client? The editorial eye, the editorial ear.

Potential customers are learning to cut through the noise of too much information. Choose to develop and provide content of lasting value. Choose to be part of the information overload that has some meaning and is kept, shared and supported in turn.


AQUA+ was founded as a mentor-level agency to provide research and initial original content development for a variety of startup lifestyle print and media companies. We focus on creative consultancy: helping companies develop meaningful content and getting that content into the hands of existing and potential customers.

This includes helping brands with content pre-production, production and post-production, and media planning, as well as developing and co-producing highly targeted media productions.


Our core team has worked on marquee titles and events for media companies such as CBC, CTV, Food Network, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Random House, and innumerable music and culinary equipment companies, including world-recognized brands such as Staub, KitchenAid, National Guitar, PRS, Peavey and Le Creuset. Televised media credits for our extended team include over 500 primetime hours of franchise-level programming.

As a boutique firm, AQUA+ focuses on two to four internally-selected projects per calendar year, and works with a select number of brands as time and resources allow.


For further information, or to request a quote for targeted content development, please contact info @ aquaplus.tv.

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